HDBaseT™ Extension Products

All Hall Research HDBaseT products are designed according to HDBaseT Alliance's guidelines and ​many have been certified by the HDBaseT Alliance. Therefore you can rest assured that all of our products ​with HDBaseT output will work with any display or projector that has an HDBaseT input. Senders with RS-232 (such as UHBX-3S) can also communicate with displays that offer control via HDBaseT.

​Hall Research​ products will also work with other manufacturer's HDBaseT products (as long as they too conform to the Alliance guidelines). For example the UHBX-S-WP wall-plate sender can be plugged into other compliant Switchers, Projectors, and TVs with HDBaseT inputs. Some of our HDBaseT products are powered via PoH (power over HDBaseT), so for use with other vendor's equipment, the user must ensure that the other device conforms to HDBaseT Alliance's PoH specifications (requires PoE power handshake), or a PoH inserter may be needed.

For best results we recommend using Alliance approved cables listed at this site. Although CAT5e cables can be used, we recommend using 23 gauge CAT6 for most applications.  Additionally, to avoid interference ( from sources such as ballasts, motors, power-lines,  power radio transmitters, etc), shielded cable is highly recommended if those factors are anticipated, or if video dropouts are observed.  When shielded cables are used, the installer must ensure that the shield is electrically connected through patch panels and is uninterrupted over the entire length of CAT6 cable. Hall Research recommends the shield to be terminated at the RJ45 at both ends. It is also acceptable to terminate the shield at one end (PSE side if devices with PoH are used).